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1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Bertone

RW Auto Classics is proud to present this fantastic 1971 Alfa GTV 1750 for your consideration. We here at RW have had a few Alfa GTV's come through our doors and this is by far the best "light" restoration example we have seen. A solid and unmolested GTV is a hard thing to find these days, and to add to that, this one is running and driving!
This Alfa was rescued from a vintage European repair shop where it has sat idly since 1993 awaiting someone to bring her back to former glory. This Alfa was owned by a prominent lawyer in the Portland area and he brought the GTV into the shop for some interior refreshing, and as it goes sometimes, a few parts where removed and progress was halted. Sadly the few missing items were not present at the time of our purchase, but thankfully most are readily available from Alfa specialists. As the car was pulled from the dusty rear of the shop and into the daylight we were surprised to find a very solid and straight GTV.
The body of the car shows no signs of any accidents or previous repairs that I see, and presents itself to be very straight. A few minor dings are to be expected but overall, very very straight. Gaps are all nice, doors shut well as do the trunk and bonnet. There is minor surface rust here and there but no holes through anywhere on the car that I have found. The stainless shows nice, some chrome parts are better than others and are fine for driver quality, but some are tired and would need to be redone in order to bring them back. The driver’s door handle is a bit finicky. The underside of the car is in remarkable condition. When we put it up on the lift, we were all very surprised at the preserved condition of the car! Very solid and clean underneath, and with these old GTV's being very prone to rust, this is definitely a find. A weekends worth of detailing under the car would bring her to a very nice driver condition.
The engine runs nice once warmed up and sounds great. We compression checked her and it’s a solid 170 across the board. Due to sitting I believe the valve seals are worn and dried out so upon startup she does smoke for about 10 minutes and then clears out. With some driving they might come back but i would plan on doing seals. The transmission shift nicely and goes through the gears well, but does like to be rev matched while down shifting to second. Really a super fun car to drive around in. The SPICA fuel injection is working well. Engine compartment will show nicely with a bit of elbow grease and isn’t that far off from being nice driver quality. As is with all old cars that have been sitting, a thorough inspection of all the mechanicals should be performed to insure safety and make sure systems are functioning as they were intended.
The interior of the car is going to need some restoration to bring her back to a suitable standard. The interior is missing the driver’s door panel, shift boot, heater trim, radio, driver’s door handles, etc. I do have an antenna for the car that is not installed. Gauges seem to work well, wipers work, lights work etc. Glass is nice.
Overall this is a fantastic find for an Alfista! Quality GTV projects simply are hard to find, and this one will make his or her new owner quite happy, and even the novice enthusiast will find this car to be a fun and rewarding project. Values are appreciating, and this car will be a quality investment for the new owner. Please feel free to call and ask any and all questions as we are happy and excited to talk cars. Thanks for looking and good luck!

Price: SOLD

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Make: Alfa Romeo Model: GTV 1750 Year: 1971 Color: Silver Condition: Great Project
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