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1973 Buick Riviera GS 455-4 Automatic Boat Tail Third Generation Coupe E-body

Up for sale, this 1973 Buick “boat tail” Riviera GS 455-4. She is a good driver quality car, moves just like the nickname and brakes like a ship coming into port. If you want that stunning show stopping ride you’ll have to keep on looking, this is a project, not an embarrassing one, but a project none the less. There are small bubbles in the paint indicating rust in a couple places, the interior carpet is a green that only the 70s could love and the seats could use a refresher.

The odometer shows 41428, but we all know that probably means 140k for the mileage. This is evident in the wear and tear on the interior. There are bits and pieces that have nicks and scuffs, but all of this is restorable, and not the kind where you must buy all new parts. Another thing that I liked about this one is that the instruments, radio etc. look to be mostly original. I like cars the way they came, some people want to muck it all up, but I’m a collector and that’s the way I want it.

Like I said, this is a driver, it runs, stops and shifts through the gears. Of course, if you were trying to go hundreds of miles or want that perfect “boat tail” I would spend some time going through the systems. Not to say that it won’t go for hundreds of miles, just if you want to be on the safe side, make it a safe ride.

It seems like most of the instruments are in working condition. Headlights turn signals, power windows, power seats, gear selector, drivers floor light, drivers dome light, high beams, tail lights, windshield wipers, and blower on defrost only.

Some things to note that do not work are the power door locks, speedometer, oil gauge, fuel gauge, driver door mirror and stereo.

There is something about these cars that really gets me, big car, massive engine, roomy interior, what’s not to like. Please if you need more pictures, want to offer a low-ball price, or are bored and want to talk for hours about cars call Jesse – 425-802-8682. If you want to make a good, legit offer you can call Matt – 425-761-3826. Oh, and this is sold AS IS, no warranty, clear title. We are a car dealer but think of it more as 5 guys working out of a barn trying to make living. Thanks for bidding!

Another cool side point, check out the tag on the door, looks like the original owners information.

Price: SOLD

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Make: Buick Model: Riviera GS 455 Year: 1973
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