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1973 Datsun 240z Nice Original Project 240 Datsun

Thanks for checking out our 1973 Datsun 240z Project. Many of these 240s have been so beat up, rusted out or filled with aftermarket parts that bringing it back to anything resembling the original thing would be a massive undertaking, but as you can see, this car is not one of those.

Our plans were for a future restoration, but we ended up buying some other major projects that will take up all of our resources and it’s time for this one to go.

I threw a battery on it the other day and the engine turned over by jumping the starter. No spark, so it may need a coil. The key is in the ignition but there is a wiring issue that prevents it from operating the system. The fuel line was disconnected and shot some gas, so it looks like the fuel pump is operational.

The body of the car is mostly straight, has original paint with some dings in the roof and a little rust in the floor pans. I would say floor pans are a must, I mean you won’t fall through or be “Flintstoning” it down the road, but metal work is in the future. If you’re going for original, the battery tray would also need to be attended to as someone threw an amateur job on there years ago. The fenders have some rust, but from what I can see I would say that they may not need any metal work. Sandblasting and a skim coat of filler might do the trick.

The glass is all there and actually looks to be very usable. Bumpers are straight with a ding or two in each, but unfortunately not 100% free of surface rust, so they will need to be re-chromed. Headliner is pretty nice, interior is decent and mostly there besides carpet. She has a couple cracks in the dash, which is very common to these 240z’s. Center console and radio will need to be sorted out. It will need new tires. Doors are missing a couple pieces but are mostly complete.

As far as a quality start to a good project goes, you will not be disappointed. Nice original car and even the engine block number is a match to the data plate. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call, phone number to the shop is (425) 556-0261.

Clear Washington Title in our name.

Price: SOLD

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Make: Datsun Model: 240z Year: 1973 Color: Orange
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