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1952 DODGE POWER WAGON Civilian Model B-3-PW-126 Flathead Six 1 Ton Running Original

There’s nothing meaner than a Dodge Power Wagon running down the road. Split steel bumpers, powerful iron grate grill and front fenders that snarl down at the pavement.

This 1952 Power Wagon B-3-PW-126 is mostly original and nearly complete. She runs and shifts gears, but the brakes need work. PTO engages, but the yolk that’s attached to the PTO drive spline isn’t correctly connected so this will need to be fixed to be operable. The engine sounds good and doesn’t leak as far as I can see. The oil pressure gauge works and it looks to be consistent, as is the amps gauge.

This truck had an interesting history working as a cow herder. The hole put in the top of the cab was for a stick attached to the steering wheel which allowed the owner to control the vehicle while keeping an eye on the cattle. Don’t ask me specifically how this worked as this custom job was removed before we purchased the truck. We bought the truck out in Idaho, from a Power Wagon collector. And since then we trucked it back to Redmond Washington where it is today.

As far as the truck body goes, the cab is in pretty good shape and not a rust bucket, but there is rust in the floors and the top cowl that are noteworthy as seen in the pictures. One of the doors looks to be some kind of replacement and is not sitting on the lower hinge. The glass is ok, but some is cracked like almost every original Power Wagon that I’ve ever seen. The hood is absolutely amazing, shuts nice and fits great to the undented nose. The bed is fantastic, very straight and even has most of the original metal slats. The front fenders are very good, and unfortunately the rear fenders do not accompany the truck. We put the new wood in and it looks pretty nice. Very cool to have the original bumper and winch.

This truck is a perfect project start for anyone who wants an original Power Wagon that is already running. Please feel free to call or message us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the truck. Shop line is (425) 556-0261.

Price: SOLD

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Make: Dodge Model: Power Wagon B-3-PW-126 Year: 1952 Color: Green
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