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1972 Volvo P1800 E

Hello All,
Here we have a fantastic late model Volvo P1800 up for your consideration. Owned by a single owner for most of its life, it was lovingly maintained and kept road worthy until the last few years when a sudden change in the owners situation affected its road use. The Volvo was started every once and awhile, but rarely driven. While I would call this car a minor project, it seems to be head and feet over most project 1800’s out there. Its no secret that rust was a major issue on these cars but this one seems to have been thankfully spared!

When we acquired the car she was in running shape minus a leaky fuel line that has since been replaced. The engine starts easily and once warm runs quite well. Holds very good oil pressure according to the gauge and makes no strange noises and provides decent power for what it is. The rare and desirable automatic tranny shifts with no drama and goes through the gears as intended. Car actually drives nice and I have personally driven her about 20 miles. The rear brakes seemed to be a bit sticky when it was first driven, but have since freed up, but I would suggest looking into it.

The body was resprayed somewhere in the 90’s and they did a driver quality job. Car still holds a shine, but to be real nice I would perform a respray at some point. There is some paint damage at the rear of the car due to what apparently was a ladder falling in the garage and hitting the back of the car. The real gem is that the car is not plagued with rust issues like so many are. Im not saying its completely rust free as I have seen some minor bubbling, but overall it looks pretty dry. Floors look nice, as do the rockers and wheel arches. Looks to be some sort of minor issue starting around the battery box area. The gaps all look very nice, and the body is nice and straight. The chrome is driver shape with some weathering and checking. A good buff and chrome polish will help, but it is original 47 year old chrome.

The interior is a mixed bag of nice and not so nice. I am inclined to say that as far as a project goes its way above average. Most of the gauges work, as do the wipers and original radio. The antenna is not functioning properly, so the radio just makes static. A couple of the gauges could stand to be refinished and the front seats need help. But the door panels look great, dash is nice, most chrome will clean up to an acceptable level. Carpet is decent but will need a cleaning. Overall I think seats and a little bit of elbow grease will have this interior looking quite nice.

Overall this a fantastic project and with the fast appreciating values on 1800’s this is one not to miss. Running driving, straight projects don’t come up very often and we are proud to offer this one for sale. As always feel free to call me personally to talk about the car at 425-802-8682, or the shop line at 425-556-0261 with any questions you may have as Im sure I forgot some things. Thanks and good luck bidding!

Price: SOLD

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Make: Volvo Model: P1800 Year: 1972 Color: Blue Condition: Driver
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