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1967 Jaguar XKE E Type Series 1.5 2+2 Manual Transmission Shell

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Up for sale and for your viewing pleasure is this lovely rust bucket of an E Type. Prior to purchase, we recommend the buyer a tetanus shot. Like vultures we have picked off every good part and what’s left are the bones. The floors are rusty as is the trunk and various parts throughout. The paint is a variety of reds. The interior is a jumbled assortment of flappy warn out vinyl or leather. The frame might be intact, but no promises.

The car is rough, but it is still a 1967 Jaguar 4.2 XKE Series 1.5 2+2 Manual transmission car. We do not have the engine or transmission from this car, but if you ask nice (and pay for it of course), we may have a 4.2 E Type block and maybe a head lying around the shop. Unfortunately, no 4.2 gearbox in stock.

This does not have a title and is sold on a Bill of Sale. The VIN does not come up on the XKE data site, so you should be able to title this one.

If you are looking for other XKE parts make sure check out our eBay store, we have a few, and if you cannot find it there, feel free to ask.

If you have any questions shoot us a message or give us a call (425) 556-0261.

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Make: Jaguar Model: XKE
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