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1974 Red MG MGB Convertible 4-Speed Manual LHD

Here we have a 1974 MGB roadster, left hand drive US model. Owned previously by a Tacoma Washington collector who had owned the car for over 13 years. This MG shows well from 15 or 20 ft with a Red repaint of what looks to be the original color. Upon closer inspection, chips, paint runs, and scratches are present. Original, bolt on, painted Rostyle wheels are fitted with dated tires that should be replaced before any long travel is undertaken.

The original 1.8-liter engine is mated to the four-speed gearbox with dual SU carburetors. The engine runs great and has all the power that one would expect in an MGB. We have driven the car approximately 100 miles and can tell you that it has been a pleasure. The car handles well and brakes as it should. On the 100 miles we did encounter a radiator leak, so we have replaced it with a brand-new unit.

While driving the car, we noted that the gauges all seem to work consistently as does the horn with oddly placed switch in the center console. Lights are all in working order. Wiper motor moves the triple windshield wiper blades to clear the glass of moisture. And the radio works, dialing in AM/FM stations, but the speakers are of a low quality and produce a rather ping-y outcome.

The interior is in fair condition. The dash has taped up cracks and the seats have amateur repairs but are intact. The glass is transparent and makes visibility easy. The steering wheel has a smooth well-kept cover. The gauges have clear glass with shiny chrome. However, the rocker switches have some pitting in their chrome.

A convertible roof covers the car cabin and locks into the windshield, but the snaps are beyond the stretch of the material in the rear. The door glass moves up and down smoothly into place.

There is a spare tire locked in the boot with a jack and tool.

The underside is rust free; I snapped a couple pictures while it was on the ground but can throw it on the lift for better ones upon request.

Hopefully this covers most of the questions. If there are others, please message or give us a call at (425) 556-0261.

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Price: SOLD

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